Frequently Asked Questions

How much is counseling going to cost me?

That is a complicated question. There are several factors to be considered. Our standard rate is $95/session. We do have a sliding scale for those who qualify based on income (please request if interested). The length of therapy is also a factor to consider. However, please don't let cost be the only factor when you are looking for therapy. Our advice is to find someone you truly believe can help you in your healing process.

Can I use my insurance?

The short answer is NO. We are a private pay practice, which means that clients pay the entire counseling fee upfront at the time of appointment.

If I don't use my insurance, what are the benefits of a private-pay practice?

  • You and your therapist are in charge of goals and length of treatment.
  • You pay less because we don't spend valuable hours on insurance paperwork.
  • Insurance requires diagnosis to authorize treatment. These labels can follow a client through life and interfere with insurability.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

We accept venmo, cash, check, debit/credit and flexible health spending cards. Payment is due at time of service.

How long does therapy take?

Each session lasts 50 minutes. The number of sessions really depends on the severity of the issue(s) and how willing you are to make a change in habits and behaviors. Your therapy could range from 2 to 3 sessions to years of therapy. Often we can reach our initial goals with somewhere between 4 and 8 sessions. Couples counseling generally takes 8 to 12 sessions.

Do I have to be a Christian to see someone at Journeys Christian Counseling?

No. Our services are available to everyone regardless of their religious beliefs or faith. We do not impose on your current belief system nor actively try to convert you to Christianity. We naturally incorporate spiritual components into therapy as we feel that healing is not complete unless we address the entire person - emotionally, physically, and spiritually. If you ever feel uneasy with any aspect of your care, please make us aware of your concerns.

What if I have to cancel my session?

We understand that sometimes life throws us unexpected curves in the form of illness or emergencies. If you need to cancel an appointment, please give us 24 hours notice, otherwise you will be charged the full fee for your counseling session. This notice allows us to schedule someone in your place.

What kind of therapy do you practice?

Our primary mode of therapy is a custom designed integrated approach for each client utilizing tools/techniques from the person-centered, attachment-based, cognitive-behavioral, experiential, intergenerational, structural, existential, narrative, solution focused and psychoanalytic schools of thought.

What if I'm not sure counseling will really help?

There are many factors that will influence whether we seek the help of a counselor. We may be reluctant to start the process because we don't know what to expect. Often we feel that the problem that we’re facing isn't big enough. We may wonder if seeking help is a statement about our ability to solve problems on our own or a judgment on our character. We may feel guilty going outside of our family to get help. Some of us have been taught to "tough it out"; to be fiercely independent, and get on with life… By admitting that we need some extra help on our journey we set ourselves on a path of growth that changes our lives for the better. If you find yourself "stuck", then you owe it to yourself to try this process.

What can I expect in the counseling process?

The counseling relationship differs from the type of relationship people have with friends and family. Counseling entails you and counselor working together for the benefit of you. You and your counselor will set goals together, they will not be imposed on you. The counselor role includes providing support for you without judgment. You set the pace of the session as you become comfortable in discussing your feelings and thoughts. The counselor can often be helpful in assisting you with difficult emotions through support, acceptance, and helping you gain insight about yourself.

How do I know that counseling is working?

Successful counseling feels like something has changed, something is different. You feel more hope and self-confidence. You are trying out new behaviors and they are working. The way successful therapy looks is other people begin to comment that something about you seems different. Maybe they don't know what has changed in you, but you feel better to be around. You will also notice that you are having different results from actions that in the past would not have gone so well.

How will I know when I am done with counseling?

You will feel done. Most of the concerns and anxiety that brought you into therapy will have dissipated. You will have learned coping skills and new behaviors to deal with any issues that may persist. Your therapist should be able to give you feedback about your decision and discuss whether or not they feel you are ready to terminate. Ultimately the decision is in your hands.

Are you associated with Columbia Psychology Healing Center LLC?

Yes! Columbia Psychology Healing Center LLC is an association of independent mental health providers offering individual and group psychological services to children, adolescents, adults, and families.